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DESCRIPTION: God is made up by people looking for comfort.


  • Faith is why you believe not completely understanding what and how God exists but believing in a higher power than yourself.
  • Both videos are very flawed and provide no real evidence for either claim. However, the second video's "three reasons why God exists" are based on assumptions and aren't logically sound. Ex) "all throughout history people have believed in a god". Yes, many have believed in God throughout history, but then again many have also believed that the earth was flat. Doesn't prove anything.
  • Conner has lost his mind. He is like the cells in our body saying the same thing to each other. That they are all that is and there is nothing above them or else something would need to have created them and so on and so forth when that is true. All the way up to where even the human body that carries all cells was created by another human body. Does this make the cells right or wrong? Golf ball size consciousness equals golf ball size understanding.
  • What? Haha. That was an incoherent paragraph jeranism.
  • Not all who believe in God are comforted by that belief. Even if all God believers were comforted, that wouldn't prove God doesn't exist. God doesn't have to have a creator. Something must exist without cause. This could be God or it could be the multiverse or something else.
  • She argues that there has to be a force that keeps the universe going. Perhaps, but this force doesn't have to be God.

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