Vaccinations are hurting are kids TIME REMAINING: ENDED

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jred (9)
DESCRIPTION: Vaccinations are hurting are kids and the government shouldn't mandate them for schools.


  • Jred - great points and stated well with substantial facts. You got my vote.
  • Sophie, you make some good points. However, your statistics on infant mortality in no way serve to make your opinion valid.
  • I agree vaccinations are bad for our kids but really wish you would have included more statistics.
  • Wait what? We have expensive shitty heathcare therefore vaccinations are bad? That's the first video's arguement?
  • Sophie has lost it... typical antivaxxer. grasping at straws that aren't even there. she attempts to make loose connections with statistics that are unrelated to each other. failure. vaccines, saving lives since 1000 CE.

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