DESCRIPTION: Hillary is responsible for deaths and I'm voting for Trump.


  • This comes down to the lessor of two evils as all candidates are not the best America has seen.
  • Maggie, I'm curious why you like Trump over Cruz. I completely agree that Trump's comments are often taken out of context, but he certainly doesn't have the demeanor of a leader. Based on your video, it seems that immigration is important to you. Cruz has a strict stance on immigration as well and has never swayed in his values the way Trump has.
  • I'm with jnest55 on this one. Trump
  • Oops it cut me off. Trum[
  • Ahh I keep hitting enter and can't delete. Anyway, Trump's tariff is scary. The last time a high tariff was implemented, we faced a depression.
  • I'd submit that the idea of a President Ted Cruz is just as bad as the idea of a President Trump. Google "Ted Cruz, ties to Dominionism". The short; Ted Cruz has close ties to a Christian sect that wants to establish a Christian theocracy in America, complete with stockings of gays, etc. also his foreign policy is horrid. Just food for thought.
  • Stonings. Not stockings.
  • I'm really hating how they cut off all videos at 2 mins now without warning us... I was going to explain how the wall won't work.
  • Allie, I like trump because he isn't a politician and are only other option is Hillary. I believe she is so dishonest and is responsible for the deaths in Benghazi. I would rather vote for someone that maybe less politically correct than Hillary.
  • hi

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