www.Razzd.com allows millions of users the ability to ask the lifelong question of Who’s Right Who’s Wrong? Razzd allows you to debate, argue, disagree, challenge and express yourself, your point of view, and prove your views are valid, they are heard and mostly you are right…

Argument after argument whoever knows Who’s right? or Who’s wrong? Have you ever wanted to ask 1, 2, 10, 10,000 people? Well with the creation of Razzd.com you can do just that. Have a fight with your girlfriend/boyfriend/friend/co-worker/anyone… RAZZ them and put it to a vote to settle it once and for all. Believe a athelete or sports team is better than your friends... RAZZ them and put it to a vote. Relationships, Family, Friends, Money, Business, Sex, Sports... you name it you can Razz it and prove you are right.

The site manages your Razz's, your wins, your votes and comments. Know your winning percentages and how many people vote for you.

The site is designed for every type of disagree or difference of opionion you can image. DON'T THINK YOU'RE RIGHT, PROVE IT.