Bernie Sanders For President TIME REMAINING: ENDED

DESCRIPTION: Bernie Sanders is the most qualified to be President based on his track record and constant fight for Americans.


  • Mike, you didn't give any facts as to why Bernie's policies will be effective. Socialism has been proven time and time again to not work and to kill motivation. It only works in small European nations with cultures that are committed to contributing and working together. America is too large and too divided. We are a mix of people who are looking for handouts and entrepreneurs who work their asses off to innovate. Socialism would destroy us. Jnest55, exactly what "bad things" are the Republicans going to do? Your argument was based on feelings, generalizations and emotions. No facts.
  • Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist which is different from the examples in Europe that have been seen in the past. Also, Sanders has brought up major issues that are faced by Americans such as the corrupt campaign finance system, crumbling infrastructure, etc. In addition, he is one of the most dedicated politicians modern America has seen (even introducing bills to an empty house). On the other hand, it doesn't take much to see the faults in all of the Republican avocations, whether it be Trump or Cruz. Trump can't answer basic foreign policy questions with anything but "If I'm president we will win again," and Cruz is oblivious to the detriment that he puts on the lower and middle class with a 10% flat tax like he has previously proposed.

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